“The Waves”: Behind the scenes

Posted in Events by applejan on January 6, 2009

Our theatre class got to talk with the actors and producers of “The Waves”. Here’s what a thought was interesting and wrote down:

  • the actors don’t have to learn their lines
  • they have to learn lots of different stuff (filming, producing sound effects, tap dancing)
  • the actors found this production fascinating to be involved with, because they do things they’ve never done before
  • very complex for the audience and the actors
  • the cast always tries to stay true to what the video artist developed
  • recorded as well as live sound effects are used
  • 780 props (of course, props are very important in this production)
  • the props also have to match the time the play is set in
  • the props have to be at the exact same spot every time (important for the actors)
  • even the slightest change can confuse the actors
  • the actors have to be aware during the whole play
  • it took 8 weeks to make the show, whereas it  normally takes 4 (practicing + developing concepts)
  • the actors found the performance to be not stressful but exciting
  • the play is very much about group performance

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